Install 12.2 Oracle Member Cluster in a Virtualbox env

Verify RHP-Server IO-Server and MGMTDB  status on our Domain Services Cluster

[grid@dsctw21 ~]$ srvctl status rhpserver
Rapid Home Provisioning Server is enabled
Rapid Home Provisioning Server is running on node dsctw21
[grid@dsctw21 ~]$  srvctl status  mgmtdb 
Database is enabled
Instance -MGMTDB is running on node dsctw21
[grid@dsctw21 ~]$ srvctl status ioserver
ASM I/O Server is running on dsctw21

  Prepare RHP Server

DNS requirements for HAVIP IP address 
[grid@dsctw21 ~]$  nslookup rhpserver


[grid@dsctw21 ~]$  nslookup
Address:    name =

[grid@dsctw21 ~]$ ping nslookup rhpserver
ping: nslookup: Name or service not known
[grid@dsctw21 ~]$ ping rhpserver
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
From ( icmp_seq=1 Destination Host Unreachable
From ( icmp_seq=2 Destination Host Unreachable

-> nslookup works - Nobody should respond to our ping request  as HAVIP is not active YET 

As user root create a HAVIP  
[root@dsctw21 ~]#  srvctl add havip -id rhphavip -address rhpserver 

*****  Cluster Resources: *****
Resource NAME               INST   TARGET       STATE        SERVER          STATE_DETAILS
--------------------------- ----   ------------ ------------ --------------- -----------------------------------------
ora.rhphavip.havip             1   OFFLINE      OFFLINE      -               STABLE  

Create a Member Cluster Configuration Manifest

[grid@dsctw21 ~]$ crsctl create  -h
  crsctl create policyset -file <filePath>
     filePath        Policy set file to create.

  crsctl create member_cluster_configuration <member_cluster_name> -file <cluster_manifest_file>  -member_type <database|application>  [-version <member_cluster_version>] [-domain_services [asm_storage <local|direct|indirect>][<rhp>]]
     member_cluster_name    name of the new Member Cluster
     -file                  path of the Cluster Manifest File (including the '.xml' extension) to be created
     -member_type           type of member cluster to be created
     -version               5 digit version of GI (example: on the new Member Cluster, if
                            different from the Domain Services Cluster
     -domain_services       services to be initially configured for this member
                            cluster (asm_storage with local, direct, or indirect access paths, and rhp)
                            --note that if "-domain_services" option is not specified,
                            then only the GIMR and TFA services will be configured
     asm_storage            indicates the storage access path for the database member clusters
                            local : storage is local to the cluster
                            direct or indirect : direct or indirect access to storage provided on the Domain Services Cluster
     rhp                    generate credentials and configuration for an RHP client cluster.

Provide access to DSC Data DG - even we use: asm_storage local
[grid@dsctw21 ~]$ sqlplus / as sysasm
SQL> ALTER DISKGROUP data SET ATTRIBUTE 'access_control.enabled' = 'true';
Diskgroup altered.

Create a Query Member Cluster Configuration File with local ASM storage
[grid@dsctw21 ~]$  crsctl create member_cluster_configuration mclu2 -file mclu2.xml  -member_type database -domain_services asm_storage local

Verify member_cluster_configuration - NO ASM - Only GIMR is used
[grid@dsctw21 ~]$ crsctl query  member_cluster_configuration mclu2 
          mclu2 ab27b785526def69ff7d317d31eed3dd GIMR

Copy Member Cluster Manifest File
[grid@dsctw21 ~]$ scp  mclu2.xml mclu21:/tmp
mclu2.xml                                                                                         100%   25KB  24.7KB/s   00:00  

Start Member Cluster installation

Unset the ORACLE_BASE environment variable.
[grid@dsctw21 grid]$ unset ORACLE_BASE
[grid@dsctw21 ~]$ cd $GRID_HOME
[grid@dsctw21 grid]$ pwd
[grid@dsctw21 grid]$ unzip -q  /media/sf_kits/Oracle/122/

[grid@mclu21 grid]$
Launching Oracle Grid Infrastructure Setup Wizard...

-> Configure an Oracle Member Cluster for Oracle Database
 -> Member Cluster Manifest File : /home/grid/FILES/mclu2.xml

During parsing the Member Cluster Manifest File following error pops up:

[INS-30211] An unexpected exception occurred while extracting details from ASM client data

PRCI-1167 : failed to extract atttributes from the specified file "/home/grid/FILES/mclu2.xml"
PRCT-1453 : failed to get ASM properties from ASM client data file /home/grid/FILES/mclu2.xml
KFOD-00321: failed to read the credential file /home/grid/FILES/mclu2.xml
  • Why are we parsing ASM credentials even we use local  ASM configuration ?
  • How to fix this error ?

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