Change IP adress/hostname of Cluster Interconnect

Changing private hostname

In pre-11.2 Oracle Clusterware, private hostname is recorded in OCR, it can not be updated. Generally private hostname is not required to change. Its associated IP can be changed. The only way to change private hostname is by deleting/adding nodes, or reinstall Oracle Clusterware.

In 11.2 Grid Infrastructure, private hostname is no longer recorded in OCR and there is no dependancy on the private hostname. It can be changed freely in /etc/hosts

Changing private IP

On Unix/Linux systems, the interface names are generally assigned by the OS, and standard names vary by platform. For Windows systems,see additional notes below. Our example below shows currently interface eth0 is used for public with subnet, and eth1 for cluster_interconnect/private with subnet

The ‘public’ network is for database client communication (VIP also uses the same network though it’s stored in OCR as separate entry),whereas the ‘cluster_interconnect’ network is for RDBMS/ASM cache fusion. Starting with 11gR2, cluster_interconnect is also used for clusterware heartbeats – this is significant change compare to prior release as pre-11gR2 uses the private nodename that were specified at installation time for clusterware heartbeats.

Changing private IP only without changing network interface, subnet and netmask For example, private IP is changed from to, network interface name and subnet remain the same. Simply shutdown Oracle Clusterware stack on the node where change required, make IP modification at OS layer (eg: /etc/hosts, OS network config etc) for private network, restart Oracle Clusterware stack will complete the task.


Check your current settings 
$ $GRID_HOME/bin/oifcfg getif
eth0  global  public
eth1  global  cluster_interconnect
# ifconfig eth1
eth1      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 08:00:27:F5:31:22  
          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
Stop CRS and change IP adress from to for eth1
# $GRID_HOME/bin/crsctl stop crs
--> Change IP address and restart network services and verify our settings
# service network restart
# ifconfig eth1
eth1      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 08:00:27:F5:31:22  
          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:

Restart CRS stack
# $GRID_HOME/bin/crsctl start crs
CRS-4123: Oracle High Availability Services has been started.
#  $GRID_HOME/bin/crsctl check crs
CRS-4638: Oracle High Availability Services is online
CRS-4535: Cannot communicate with Cluster Ready Services
CRS-4529: Cluster Synchronization Services is online
CRS-4533: Event Manager is online
Repeat above actions on grac2 and restart CRS stack
$ my_crs_stat
NAME                           TARGET     STATE           SERVER       STATE_DETAILS   
-------------------------      ---------- ----------      ------------ ------------------
ora.ACFS.dg                    ONLINE     ONLINE          grac1         
ora.ACFS.dg                    ONLINE     ONLINE          grac2         
ora.DATA.dg                    ONLINE     ONLINE          grac1         
ora.DATA.dg                    ONLINE     ONLINE          grac2         
ora.LISTENER.lsnr              ONLINE     ONLINE          grac1         
ora.LISTENER.lsnr              ONLINE     ONLINE          grac2         
ora.OCR.dg                     ONLINE     ONLINE          grac1         
ora.OCR.dg                     ONLINE     ONLINE          grac2         
ora.asm                        ONLINE     ONLINE          grac1        Started 
ora.asm                        ONLINE     ONLINE          grac2        Started 
ora.grace2.db                  ONLINE     ONLINE          grac1        Open 
ora.grace2.db                  ONLINE     ONLINE          grac2        Open 
ora.oc4j                       ONLINE     ONLINE          grac1                  ONLINE     ONLINE          grac2                  ONLINE     ONLINE          grac1                  ONLINE     ONLINE          grac1 

Note 276434.1:Modifying the VIP or VIP Hostname of a 10g or 11g Oracle
Note 283684.1:How to Change Interconnect/Public Interface IP or Subnet in Oracle Clusterware

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  1. Can we have your my_crs_stat script please.

    is there a way can you send to my email or if its public can i download that please. I want to use it to my 11g/12c Cluster

    1. You can find these scripts by selecting RAC -> RAC SCRIPTS from my Main Menu.
      Note there are 2 scripts one for the lower and one for the upper CW layer.

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