Debugging a JavaScript WordPress Environment with WebStorm


  • In this sample we will provide a Debug Environment for a WordPress Page heavily using Javascript
  • The WordPress Page is using a Child Theme name twentyfifteen-child

Create an empty Webstorm Project

  • The Project Location point to the WordPress Child Theme where Scripts, Images are stored


  • Confirm that project directory is not Empty


  • The Child Theme directory [ will all CSS, Images, JavaScript files ]  should be displayed



Add the JavaScript Debug Session

  • Press Run -> Edit Config -> Select JavaScript Debug Session
  • Provide a Session Name – here we use JS WEBStorm Debug
  • Fill in the WordPress URL
  • Select Chrome as the Default Browser
  • Double check the Remote URL settings
  • Press Run to Debug the JavaScript Code


  • At any time you cat rerun this Session from the Top Level Menu by selecting  the session name : JS WEBStrom Debug


Invoke run method to load the WordPress HTML Dynamic Code and start F12 Debugger

  • This should start the Chrome Browser
  • Press F12 to start F12 Chrome Debugger
  • Note the version number of our JS script files are set in functions.php

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