Tracking history of patch Sets and PSU patches

Display patching history
SQL> select ACTION_TIME, ACTION, VERSION, COMMENTS  from registry$history;
ACTION_TIME                    ACTION      VERSION       COMMENTS
------------------------------ ----------- -----------   ----------------------
17-SEP-11 AM   APPLY       Patchset
05-JAN-14 PM   APPLY       Patchset
11-JAN-14 AM   APPLY       PSU
11-JAN-14 PM   ROLLBACK       PSU

2 thoughts on “Tracking history of patch Sets and PSU patches”

  1. I just applied the patch to my environment making it All ran successfully.
    After rolling the patch back I looked in the registry$history table and was surprised to see the ROLLBACK action and comments still indidcating it was at I was expecting to see it at!!

    Why is it showing the wrong patch level and is there a better way to identify the current patch level for my instance?

    Thanks for the assistance…this one has me stumped.

    1. 1) Did you run catrelod.sql successfully ?
      If yes I expect the that following PLSQL procedure should write are record to
      –> Extract from catrelod.sql
      Rem =====================================================================
      Rem Record Reload Completion
      Rem =====================================================================

      ‘Reloaded after downgrade from ‘ ||
      <--- Note catrelod.sql is a necessary step . See How To Downgrade From Database 11.2 To Previous Release (includes (Doc ID 883335.1) 2) If you only want to check your current installed software version (including patches ) please run : $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch/opatch lsinventory

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