ORA-214 mounting a RAC database

Analyzing and fixing ORA-214 error during startup mount

SQL> alter database mount;
alter database mount
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-00214: control file '+DATA/grac4/controlfile/current.260.826111693' version 63613 inconsistent with file
'+FRA2/grac4/controlfile/current.321.852654927' version 63564

SQL>   show parameter control

NAME                            TYPE     VALUE
------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------
control_files                  string     +DATA/grac4/controlfile/current.260.826111693, 

-->  '+DATA/grac4/controlfile/current.260.826111693' version 63613 has a newer version number

Use RMAN to restore that controlfile
RMAN>  restore controlfile to '+FRA2' from '+DATA/grac4/controlfile/current.260.826111693';
Starting restore at 12-JUL-14
using channel ORA_DISK_1
channel ORA_DISK_1: copied control file copy
Finished restore at 12-JUL-14

Remove the old and outdated conrolfile
[grid@grac41 ~]$  asmcmd rm '+FRA2/grac4/controlfile/current.321.852654927'
[grid@grac41 ~]$  asmcmd ls +FRA2/grac4/controlfile/

Finally change the control_files 
SQL> alter system set control_files='+DATA/grac4/controlfile/current.260.826111693',
     '+FRA2/grac4/controlfile/current.338.852722827' scope=spfile sid='*';
System altered.
SQL> startup force mount
SQL> show parameter control_f
NAME                                 TYPE     VALUE
------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------
control_files                         string     +DATA/grac4/controlfile/current.260.826111693, 


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