Managing Resources


RESOURCE_TYPE can be database, instance, service, listener etc
RESOURCE_NAME is the name from crs_stat command for pre-11.2, or the name from "crsctl stat res" for 11gR2, i.e. ora.racdb.db
RESOURCE_HOME refers to the ORACLE_HOME that the resource runs off, i.e. RDBMS_HOME for database, instance and service resource;
RESOURCE_OWNER refers to the OS user that owns the RESOURCE_HOME, i.e. grid user for GRID_HOME.
B. Resource must be managed by srvctl from RESOURCE_HOME/bin

Resource must be managed by srvctl from $RESOURCE_HOME where resource is running off, for example, vip from $GRID_HOME or 
$CRS_HOME, 11.2 .db in 11.2 RDBMS_HOME, and 11.1 .db in 11.1 RDBMS_HOME etc.

If wrong srvctl  version is used an error will be reported: 
PRCD-1229 : An attempt to access configuration of database cdb was rejected because its version differs from the program version 
Instead run the program from /u01/app/oracle/product/121/racdb.

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