Master nodes for resolving GIPC problems

1. Provide your patch CRS version by running :  [grid@grac41 ~]$   $GRID_HOME/OPatch/opatch lsinventory
   Having the GRID version will simplify to spot any GIPC related bugs 

2. Top 5 Grid Infrastructure Startup Issues (Doc ID 1368382.1)

3. CSSD Fails to Join the Cluster After Private Network Recovered if avahi Daemon is up and Running (Doc ID 1501093.1)
  Check that avahi is disabled and no Firewall is configured ( very important !! ) 
   # service iptables status    ( Linux specific command )
   # service avahi status       ( Linux specific command )
   # nslookup grac41            ( use any all or your cluster nodes like grac41, grac42, grac43 )

4. Oracle Clusterware Cannot Start on all Nodes: Network communication with node <NAME> missing for 90% of timeout interval (Doc ID 1507482.1)
   Step 1. Basic connectivity: 
      Note 1054902.1 - How to Validate Network and Name Resolution Setup for the Clusterware and RAC
   Step 2. After basic connectivity is confirmed, check advanced connectivity checks:
      Firewall, Jumbo Frames, Mulitcast, Third-party mDNS , Advanced UDP checks
   Step 3: Know Bugs ( Note  1488378.1 )
5. List of gipc defects that prevent GI from starting/joining after private network is restored or node rebooted (Doc ID 1488378.1)

Action Plan
  1. Provide Opatch output from your GRID_HOME from all nodes
  2. Verify that Firewall is off , no Third-party mDNS is running and nslookup works
  3. run Detailed network checks by following 1054902.1 ( Step 1. and 2. )
  4. Apply latest PSU ( )


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