RAC AWR sample

AWR report types

@?/rdbms/admin/awrrpt.sql      -- basic AWR report
@?/rdbms/admin/awrsqrpt.sql    -- Standard SQL statement Report
@?/rdbms/admin/awrddrpt.sql    -- Period diff on current instance
@?/rdbms/admin/awrrpti.sql     -- Workload Repository Report Instance (RAC)
@?/rdbms/admin/awrgrpt.sql     -- AWR Global Report (RAC)
@?/rdbms/admin/awrgdrpt.sql    -- AWR Global Diff Report (RAC)
@?/rdbms/admin/awrinfo.sql     -- Script to output general AWR information

Create an AWR report for a certain test case and display it with firefox

Create an AWR snapshot ,run your test case and after that create a 2nd AWR snapshot
EXECUTE dbms_workload_repository.create_snapshot();
--> run test case: 
    [oracle@grac41 JDBC]$ java UCPDemo 1000
EXECUTE dbms_workload_repository.create_snapshot();

Create an AWR report 
SQL> @?/rdbms/admin/awrgrpt.sql    [ @?/rdbms/admin/awrddrpt.sql
Current Instance
   DB Id    DB Name     Inst Num Instance
----------- ------------event_histogram.sql -------- ------------
  794109772 GRAC4        1 grac41
Specify the Report Type
Would you like an HTML report, or a plain text report?
Enter 'html' for an HTML report, or 'text' for plain text
Defaults to 'html'
Enter value for report_type: 
Type Specified:  html
Instances in this Workload Repository schema
   DB Id     Inst Num DB Name       Instance    Host
------------ -------- ------------ ------------ ------------
  794109772        3 GRAC4       grac43    grac43.example.com
* 794109772        1 GRAC4       grac41    grac41.example.com
  794109772        2 GRAC4       grac42    grac42.example.com
Using  794109772 for database Id
Using           1 for instance number
Specify the number of days of snapshots to choose from
Entering the number of days (n) will result in the most recent
(n) days of snapshots being listed.  Pressing <return> without
specifying a number lists all completed snapshots.
Enter value for num_days: 1
Listing the last day's Completed Snapshots
Instance     DB Name        Snap Id    Snap Started    Level
------------ ------------ --------- ------------------ -----
grac41         GRAC4        358 29 Oct 2013 11:00       1
                364 29 Oct 2013 15:04       1
                365 29 Oct 2013 15:16       1
Specify the Begin and End Snapshot Ids
Enter value for begin_snap: 364
Begin Snapshot Id specified: 364
Enter value for end_snap: 365
End   Snapshot Id specified: 365
Specify the Report Name
The default report file name is awrrpt_1_364_365.html.    To use this name,
press <return> to continue, otherwise enter an alternative.

Display the report with firefox
$ firefox  awrrpt_1_364_365.html

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