Helmut’s RAC 11g/12c intial post

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XA : Java code for a simple TPM 12c: VIP/Application failover on LEAF Nodes 12c : Pluggable Databases
XA : RAC and Performane for XA Tx 12c/11g: Serverpools 12c: FLEX ASM 


Useful articles :                                                                                  Overview of all my 11g/12c RAC articles

A closer look on Cache Fusion II Debugging Node Eviction using TFA, CHM, OSWatcher Debugging Clusterware
Troubleshooting Clusterware startup problems Debugging Network problems using a bash script Recovering corrupted OLR, OCR
Performance: GES Locks and Deadlocks Performance: GC buffer busy aquire/release waits Performance: GCS log flush sync waits
Performance: LOG File SYNC waits
  • My initial blogging is about  my expieriences with  RAC systems on Linux
  • Most of the articles are using following infrastructure;  Virtualbox 4.2.14 on top of OEL 63/OEL64.
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  • This blog represent the work and opinions of the author and do not constitute official positions of my current employer Oracle  (working for the Oracle RAC support team ).
  • This material has been  reviewed, but author assume no responsibility whatsoever for the test cases.
  • If you corrupt your databases by running my scripts, you are solely responsible for that.