ORA-1031 connect as sysdba using password authentification after converting Admin Managed RAC Database to Policy Managed

Problem : $ sqlplus sys/sys@GRACE21 as sysdba fails with ORA-1031

Troubleshooting steps:
1) The database parameter remote_login_passwordfile has to be set to either EXCLUSIVE or SHARED .
SQL> show parameter remote_login_passwordfile
NAME                                 TYPE        VALUE
------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------
remote_login_passwordfile            string      EXCLUSIVE

2) Password file orapw<sid> must exist a must be created with  nosysdba=n
-> This files doesn't exit after converting to Policy Manageed database
$  cd $ORACLE_HOME/dbs
$ ls orapw*

  After converting to Policy Managed DB we need to be prepared to have password files for all potential Instances.
  In case of a 3-node RAC systems these are   : GRACE2_1  GRACE2_2  GRACE2_3
  This means we have to provide following  password files   : orapwGRACE2_1  orapwGRACE2_2  orapwGRACE2_3
  Just copy the original password file:
    $ cp orapwGRACE22  orapwGRACE2_1
    $ cp orapwGRACE22  orapwGRACE2_2
    $ cp orapwGRACE22  orapwGRACE2_3
  and restart the instances where you have created the password file one by one :
    $ srvctl stop instance -d grace2 -i GRACE2_2
    $ srvctl start instance -d grace2 -i GRACE2_2

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