Install RAC on top of OEL 5.10 and Virtualbox 4.2


  - Install ASM instance and Rdbms instance into same OH even not suggested by Oracle
  - Use ASM for RAC  datafiles
  - You can switch between ASM instance and RAC instance by changing ORACLE_SID ( RACT1 +ASM1 / RACT2 +ASM2 )
  - RAC spfile location: +DATA/RACT/spfileRACT.ora
  - ASM  pfile location: /u01/app/oracle/product/10.2/rac_db1/dbs/init+ASM1.ora

Install RDBSMS/ASM software and create database

[oracle@ract1 ~]$ cd /Kits
[oracle@ract1 Kits]$ cd database
[oracle@ract1 database]$ ls
doc  install  response  runInstaller  stage  welcome.html
[oracle@ract1 database]$ ./runInstaller -ignoreSysPrereqs   
Starting Oracle Universal Installer...
-> Database : RACT
   select ASM and don't install ASM in a separate OH even suggested !

Create database fais with ORA-27125 on OEL 5.10
mv oracle oracle.bin

-- Paste it as one 
cat >oracle <<"EOF"
exec $ORACLE_HOME/bin/oracle.bin $@
-- End of paste 
chmod +x oracle
--> Rerun create database assistent 

It seems only Java utilities need above WA - after installation disable WA
$ srvctl stop  database -d RACT
$ mv oracle oracle.wrapper
$ mv oracle.bin oracle
$  ls -l oracle
-rwsr-s--x 1 oracle oinstall 108916387 Apr  6 11:27 oracle
$  srvctl start  database -d RACT

Verify Cluster database status

# crs_stat -t
Name           Type           Target    State     Host        
ora....T1.inst application    ONLINE    ONLINE    ract1       
ora....T2.inst application    ONLINE    ONLINE    ract2       
ora.RACT.db    application    ONLINE    ONLINE    ract1       
ora....SM1.asm application    ONLINE    ONLINE    ract1       
ora....T1.lsnr application    ONLINE    ONLINE    ract1       
ora.ract1.gsd  application    ONLINE    ONLINE    ract1       
ora.ract1.ons  application    ONLINE    ONLINE    ract1  application    ONLINE    ONLINE    ract1       
ora....SM2.asm application    ONLINE    ONLINE    ract2       
ora....T2.lsnr application    ONLINE    ONLINE    ract2       
ora.ract2.gsd  application    ONLINE    ONLINE    ract2       
ora.ract2.ons  application    ONLINE    ONLINE    ract2  application    ONLINE    ONLINE    ract2   

Check ASM instance  ASM diskgroup RAC instances
ASM instance
[oracle@ract1 bin]$ export ORACLE_SID=+ASM1
[oracle@ract1 bin]$ asmcmd lsdg
State    Type    Rebal  Unbal  Sector  Block       AU  Total_MB  Free_MB  Req_mir_free_MB  Usable_file_MB  Offline_disks  Name
MOUNTED  NORMAL  N      N         512   4096  1048576      8188     5786             2047            1869              0  DATA/
[oracle@ract1 bin]$ asmcmd ls +DATA/RACT/spfileRACT.ora

RAC instance
[oracle@ract1 bin]$ export ORACLE_SID=RACT1
SQL>  select INST_ID,INSTANCE_NUMBER,INSTANCE_NAME, status from  gv$instance;
---------- --------------- ---------------- ------------
         2               2 RACT2            OPEN
         1               1 RACT1            OPEN

Start and monitor instances
[oracle@ract1 ~]$ srvctl start  database -d RACT
[oracle@ract1 ~]$ srvctl status database -d RACT
Instance RACT1 is running on node ract1
Instance RACT2 is running on node ract2


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