WordPress: Using Duplicator PlugIN

Step 1:  Install WP Plugin: Duplicator 1.1.8

  • Nothing to add here just install the WordPress Plugin


Step2 : Create a Package and upload Installer.php and archive to your local host

  • Duplicator -> Package -> Create New -> Next

Create a New Package


  • You can ignore the Database Warning [ see video below ]

Lets have a closer look on the PHP errors


  • Ignoring that Warning for now – but notice that I’m not able to restore that package on the original Server again —>  Not a good  situation but lets move forward 
  • Check:  


BUILD the package

  • Finally if we don’t get a timeout you will see the following message .


  • Click on both buttons to download the both files
  •  Note : Even you may get a Timeout the action may still run successfully to the end


Step 3 Create a MySql Database via phpAdmin



Step 4:  Deploy the WordPress Backup to our local XAMPP webserver

  • Verify both files are under the proper newly created directory [ xampp\htdocs ]



Invoke installer.php and test your MySQL connection


  • Testing MySql Database worked fine


Update Files and Database



Apply Final Steps

  • Test Site
  • Security Cleanup



Testing the duplicated Website


  • As you see the Website Duplication to our localhost works!
  • Now you can remove the Duplicator Files by running Security Cleanup



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