Manually add database/instance resources after a complete CRS reconfiguration

PRCS-1007 , PRCR-1086   during  srvctl add database

[oracle@grac41 bin]$  srvctl add database -d grac4 -n grac4 -o /u01/app/oracle/product/11204/racdb -p '+DATA/grac4/spfilegrac4.ora' 
PRCS-1007 : Server pool grac4 already exists
PRCR-1086 : server pool ora.grac4 is already registered

Remove the related server pools
[grid@grac41 ~]$ crsctl delete serverpool ora.grac4
CRS-2557: Server pool 'ora.grac4' cannot be unregistered as it is referenced by server pool 'ora.grac4_grac43'
[grid@grac41 ~]$ crsctl delete serverpool ora.grac4_grac43
[grid@grac41 ~]$ crsctl delete serverpool ora.grac4 

3 thoughts on “Manually add database/instance resources after a complete CRS reconfiguration”

  1. Your Site is very informative and helpful. You are a master
    I just wanted know what is the actual command for “crs” as i dont see there is “CRS” command.
    Following is one of the example you are using to find the svc details, but i could not use this command
    I tried crsctl stat res -t /p etc., but couldnt get output what you get from this
    crs | egrep ‘hr.svc|NAME|—-‘

    Appreciate if you could help with this

    1. Hi,
      crs [ and crsi ] are both shell scripts to display the CRS status.
      You can download these scripts by using Menu Path
      RAC -> RAC Generic -> RAC Scripts

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