Troubleshooting Clusterware startup problems with DTRACE

Run Cluvfy Debug script :

#  cluvfy commands to debug partial up and running CRS stack 
#  Node1  hract21:  CRS stack is not starting:w
#  Node2  hract22:  CRS stakc is fully up and running 
#  Note : This scripts assumes we are logged in on the failing Node : hract21

~/CLUVFY/bin/cluvfy -version
~/CLUVFY/bin/cluvfy comp  nodecon  -n $Node1,$Node2 -i  eth1
~/CLUVFY/bin/cluvfy comp  nodecon  -n $Node1,$Node2 -i  eth2
~/CLUVFY/bin/cluvfy comp nodereach -n $Node1,$Node2 
~/CLUVFY/bin/cluvfy comp sys -p crs
# Some of the scripts need a working CRS stack :
# When clusterware is not up and running  cluvfy comp healthcheck may report the eror below : these errors are expected 
#    Cluster Manager Integrity     FAILED     This test checks the integrity of cluster manager across the cluster nodes.
#    Cluster Integrity         FAILED     This test checks the integrity of the cluster.
#    OCR Integrity             FAILED     This test checks the integrity of OCR across the cluster nodes.
#    CRS Integrity             FAILED     This test checks the integrity of Oracle Clusterware stack across the cluster nodes.
ssh $Node2 ~/CLUVFY/bin/cluvfy comp healthcheck -collect cluster -html
ssh $Node2 ~/CLUVFY/bin/cluvfy comp software -n  $Node1,$Node2 
# Testing multicast 
ssh $Node2 ~/CLUVFY/bin/cluvfy stage -post hwos -n $Node1
ssh $Node2 ~/CLUVFY/bin/cluvfy stage -pre crsinst -n $Node1 -networks eth1: -verbose

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